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Uses of Promotional Marketing Gifts

Promotional marketing gifts are items which are used globally to promote brands, products and corporate identity. This is done by incorporating the brand and logo of the company in the items to be given away. Items that are common to this are shirts, caps, key chains, posters, bumper stickers, pens, mugs, or mouse pads. These items are mostly low-cost as it is aimed at bigger audience. This cause has several uses, mostly anchored in raising the awareness of the target audience about the campaign and the nature of the company. This is done so by giving these promotional marketing gifts for free at events such as exhibitions, product launches and even in causes of non-profit organizations which aim to raise funds for their campaigns.

But there are also instances in which promotional items are high-end and costly, because of the nature of the audience aimed at. One of these is the promotional items given to celebrities at film festivals and award shows who are given expensive items such as perfumes, electronic gadgets and such. These celebrities are mostly offered by companies with expensive gifts with the purpose of encouraging them to post a photo with the product and post it on their social media accounts. Or sometimes, they just give it for free with the hope that these famous people will wear it in public and thus garner good publicity which is an instant promotion of their product’s name and brand.

Promotional marketing gifts items are used in politics as well, in promoting candidates and causes. These can be also used for non-commercial purposes for raising awareness about a cause, such as the giving away of shirts with print promoting cancer awareness to raise funds for the cancer survivors, programs and researches.

Using this traditional marketing tool of promotional merchandise is indeed effective in raising awareness whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

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